10 Reasons Why It’s safer and cheaper to board your cat than hiring a cat sitter.

1. You save a lot of money and You don’t give up the privacy of your home! Up to 33% cheaper than most cat sitters.

2. Its Safer! Your cat can get stuck in a bad spot or worse.  According to the American Veterinary Association, over a hundred thousand cats get hurt each year from sitter related incidents. 

3. Reliable. You can rely on us! -Serving you since 1999, 5 Star Ratings, BBB A+ Rating.

4. Quick response times! – We are here for you 24/7 .

5. Great Entertainment! – Bird Aviary to pamper your cat with entertainment.

6. Free Cat Toys & Catnip! We know what your cat wants!

7. Large Cat Condo’s – 1,2,or 3 adjoining rooms for cat families

8. Great Customer Service – We guarantee you will be happy with our service

9. Veterinarian on Call – Our Veterinarian has been working with us for many years!

10. Need 10 more, just read our Five Star Customer Reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google!

Do you need a Cat Sitter?

If your looking for long term cat boarding or a short term cat sitter then Cats Luv Us is exactly what you need. With us nearby, you don’t need to risk leaving your cat in the wrong hands. We are rated with 5 stars on Yelp and in business over 20 years.  Your cat is guaranteed personal affection in a safe and stimulating environment with large bedrooms’ and play areas that have views of entertaining bird aviaries. This is a super special place because we have on call veterinarians and can administer medications.

PS- We forgot to mention – We have Easy online ordering!

PPS – Here are some reviews by our customers

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