If your looking for long term cat boarding or a short term cat sitter then Cats Luv Us is exactly what you need. Your cat is guaranteed personal affection in a safe and stimulating environment with large bedrooms’ and play areas that have views of entertaining bird aviaries. This is a super special place because we have on call veterinarians and can administer medications.

It’s safer and cheaper to board your cat with us than hiring a cat sitter. You save money and you don’t give up the privacy of your home. According to the American Veterinary Association, over a hundred thousand cats get hurt each year from sitter related incidents. With us nearby, you don’t need to risk leaving your cat in the wrong hands.  We are rated with 5 stars on Yelp and in business over 20 years.

10 Reasons to Use Cats Luv Us

Cat Boarding Hotel

1. You save a lot of money! – Up to 33% cheaper than most cat sitters.
2. Its Safer! Your cat can get stuck in a bad spot or worse.
3. Reliable. You can rely on us! -Serving you since 1999, 5 Star Ratings, BBB A+ Rating.
4. Quick response times! – We are here for you 24/7 .
5. Great Entertainment! – Bird Aviary to pamper your cat with entertainment.
6. Free Cat Toys & Catnip! We know what your cat wants!
7. Large Cat Condo’s – 1,2,or 3 adjoining rooms for cat families
8. Great Customer Service – We guarantee you will be happy with our service
9. Veterinarian on Call – Our Veterinarian has been working with us for many years!
10. Need 10 more, just read our Five Star Customer Reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google!

PS- We forgot to mention – We have Easy online ordering!

PPS – Here are some reviews by our customers

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