We are here to help you with choosing among the variety of Cat Insurance Plans out there.  Over thirty-six million households in the United States own a cat as a pet. From these 36 million households, the average number of cats in each household is two. Dogs might be man’s best friend but not in the United States. That is why

Five Cat Insurance Plans for Your Cat

Choosing the perfect Cat Insurance Plan can be difficult for you. Apart from the fact that there are a thousand different firms out there. You have to put into consideration a bunch of factors before choosing a Cat Insurance Plan.

Factors In Choosing A Cat Insurance Plan include:

Coverage – This has to deal with the limit to the health problems covered by an insurance plan. Hereditary and congenital conditions usually have expensive treatments. They are usually excluded under most plans.

Deductibles – Annual deductibles are ideal for this setup. This is because you are reimbursed more over a policy year. The opposite is the case for per-incident deductibles.

Reimbursement method – Pay attention to insurance firms that don’t pay on a veterinary bill. You are also advised to avoid benefit schedules.

In that vein, we have selected five best insurance firms with the ideal plans for your pet. These plans tick the requisite boxes as regards some of the factors earlier posted. The firms are listed without any ranking. These are five of the best out there, and they are:

  • Healthy Paws: Healthy Paws has no maximum amount for payouts. There are also no lifetime or per-incident caps on payouts. Deductibles are annual, and most importantly, it takes care of hereditary conditions and congenital ailments.
  • ASPCA: ASPCA is one of the many arms of the Hartville group. This company usually offers four different plans. ASPCA plans cover all new illnesses and ailments that your cat suffers. ASPCA also offers annual deductibles.
  • Embrace: Embrace provides you alternative care for your pets with an annual deductible plan. The maximum amount of medical coverage for your cat ranges from $5,000 – $15, 000 with Embrace.
  • Pets Best: Pets Best will cover all new illnesses. They also offer your cat coverage for hereditary and congenital health problems. Its deductible type is annual, so, that is an added benefit.
  • Pets First: Pet First offers you a medical expense account with a limit of up to $20,000 depending on the plan you sign up for. It also offers your cat alternative care and has no restrictions for hereditary problems.

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