Cats are amiable feline companions, which have, for years being in close association with human beings. You could tell that a significant bond exists between a cat owner and a cat, which explains the fact that, cat owners can go to any length just to ensure that their amiable feline companion is in good health.

To ensure that this remarkable bond remains uninterrupted, it is quite important and highly advised that a cat owner gets his/her cat insured. This is because, events out of a cat owner’s control could come up, such as accidents, unprecedented death, straying of the cat, theft, sickness (which may require huge medical bills to be footed).

However, getting your cat insured prevents improper care of cats, ensures replacement in case of theft, straying or accidents. That is, on insuring your cat, veterinary bills, harm, injury or death of your feline companion would be covered.

As a cat owner, definitely, the overall health and fitness of your cat is of utmost importance to you. While you enjoy the companionship and fulfilment of your love for keeping pets, a major concern that keeps bothering the mind is the financial obligation associated. While this might not be a burden in the first few years of owning a cat, probably due to the sound health of your cat or your enthusiasm, the burden sets in with time, as more veterinary care becomes required to keep your feline companion up and running.

While it is well known that a free cat insurance rate would go a long way in ensuring that your cat gets a proper and constant care, while the financial burden on you is greatly relieved, But, little is known about how to get a free cat insurance rate. Find below, some tips on how to get free cat insurance rates:

  • Make thorough consultations

Ask cat owners in your neighbourhood and other cat owners you know, about free cat insurance schemes, they would point you in the right direction if they have their cat on such scheme. Ask pet insurance providers questions about the type of insurance they offer for cats. With such information about the various pet insurance providers at your disposal, your chance of securing a free cat insurance scheme would be greatly enhanced, as you would have a chance to weigh the advantage one free scheme has over the other.

  • Join a cat owners club in your neighbourhood

Ever experienced the immense benefit associations offer its members? If you haven’t experienced such, it would interest you to know that by joining a cat owners club, your chances of getting free cat insurance rates would be greatly enhanced. This is because, negotiations between representatives of cat owners club and insurance providers tend to be favourable, as the insurance provider considers the club a body of individuals who are interested in preserving and taking proper care of their feline companions – a movement the provider finds interesting and thus would support groups that stand for such.

Is Cat Insurance Right For You? If so, this is how to Get Free Cat Insurance Rates

There’s nothing sadder than having to put your cat down if you can’t afford to pay the vet bills. We love our cats. They’re family members, companions and best friends. If they ever get hurt or sick, we vow to do whatever it takes to help them get better. That is until the first bill trickles in, followed by another and another. Thousands of dollars later, a decision looms ahead: broken heart or empty wallet? Pet Insurance will prevent this ugly situation. A version of this article was first published on Pet Insurance Quotes

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How To Find a Short Term Cat Sitter or Cat Boarder

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It’s safer and cheaper to board your cat with us than hiring a cat sitter. You save money and you don’t give up the privacy of your home. According to the American Veterinary Association, over a hundred thousand cats get hurt each year from sitter related incidents. With us nearby, you don’t need to risk leaving your cat in the wrong hands.  We are rated with 5 stars on Yelp and in business over 20 years.

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