What is cat insurance?

Why is cat insurance so important? 
To start with, insurance, according to the Microsoft Encarta English dictionary is “an arrangement by which a company gives customers financial protection against loss or harm such as theft or illness in return for payment of premium”. In extension, cat insurance can be referred to as a process, by which your cat is duly registered with an insurance company and covered by the insurance policy provided by such company. An insurance of such nature thereby saves you the financial stress associated with footing veterinary bills and guarantees a replacement in case of accident, theft or illness.

Insuring your cat would significantly lessen the financial burden you would likely face in keeping your feline companion. It would ensure that your cat is always up and running throughout its lifetime, enabling you to enjoy the companionship for a long undisturbed period of time

How can one apply for a cat insurance?

Actually, there are many means by which you can apply for a cat insurance. It would interest you to know that, in this present age of huge improvement in information technology, popularly referred to as ‘I.T’ online cat insurance has joined the ever-growing list. In online cat insurance, all you need is an internet connection and an adequate knowledge of the type of insurance cover you desire to get for your cat. Therefore, you could sit comfortably on your bed and browse through the profiles of various insurance firms, until you finally get one that perfectly fits your demand.

Now, apart from application through the internet, which here, is referred to as ‘online cat insurance’ other means include but is not limited to:

  • Physical application: In this method of applying for an insurance for your cat, you have to get information about the various insurance firms, that offer cat insurance in your locality. With this knowledge, you would be required to appear physically at the insurance firm(s), to ask them questions that would shed light on the nature of the insurance policy they offer cats. It is advisable that you go with a notebook, to jot down findings about the nature of the insurance policy each of the firms offer. Then, you could go back home, study the findings and finally make a choice that best suits your demand and pocket.


  • Application by proxy: Here, proxy means, you do not have to appear in person at the insurance firm. This is often possible if you belong to a cat owners club. That is, clubs could represent you, a member, thus, providing your cat, which is registered with the club, a full insurance cover.


  • Application through an agent: You could also apply for an insurance cover for your cat through a representative of an insurance firm. That is, the representative comes to you, or you ask neighbouring cat owners about insurance company representatives in your locality. On getting in touch with the representative, he/she then, discusses with you the insurance policy they offer cats under the insurance coverage of the company he/she represents, while you are left to make a decision to opt for the insurance offer.

All in all, online cat insurance is the best bet for getting your cat insured, if you are very busy, or don’t want to face the rigour of bureaucracy.

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